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Alamo Metal Recycling are specialist buyers and exporters of all types of metals. We offer the best level of services and the very best scrap metal prices for both our business and private customers.Whether you are an individual looking to dispose of unwanted scrap metals around your home, or a business with regular metal disposal requirements, Alamo Metal Recycling can help you!We even offer specials for traders, so call us today to find out our up to date scrap metal prices.At Alamo Metal Recycling, we’re scrap metal merchants with a difference. Not only do we provide superior scrap metal recycling, great customer service, and competitive prices, we also help the environment and the local community.As well as being professional scrap metal merchants for commercial and industrial businesses, we also provide our services to domestic customers. If you have an old bike rusting away in the shed, a garage full of old auto parts or piles of junk metal you just can't get rid of, give us call : 956-783-4709.Alamo Metal Recycling is staffed by a team of experienced scrap metal merchants who have worked in the recycling industry for many years. By encouraging recycling, we help the environment and assist in making the industry sustainable. Our friendly and professional staff have all the expert knowledge needed to turn your waste into materials that can be used again. By choosing Alamo Metal Recycling, you're doing your bit for the planet and Ameican industry.


Here at Alamo Metal Recycling, we provide a reliable collection service for construction, building, and industrial sites. Our service is reliable and prompt because we know that industrial scrap metal can accumulate quickly and begin to hinder operations. Our industrial clients come to us because we are fast and efficient. We collect when we say we will, and we offer fantastic prices!Alamo Metal Recycling has a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Alamo, which is capable of quickly weighing, processing and recycling scrap metal from anywhere. We have the equipment, the machinery, Container service and the expert team to handle any job, including industrial scrap metal.We know scrap metal from industrial business can be large in quantity, but Alamo Metal Recycling can handle your job, and offer competitive prices for the materials we recycle for you.


We regularly deal with clients from the construction industry who come to us for our professional, reliable service and great prices. The construction industry tends to produce lots of scrap metal as a necessary by-product of construction processes, from demolished buildings to pipes, parts and waste. Alamo Metal Recycling has a team of expert metal recycler who will help to keep your construction site clean. Here at Alamo Metal Recycling, we’ll gladly purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous material including copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and iron as well as aluminum castings, drinks cans, e-waste, sheets, pipes, radiators and even window frames. If it’s metal, chances are we’ll buy it! 


Successful industry is all about efficiency, and we understand how even the slightest hindrance can bring large-scale industrial operations to a grinding halt, which can be incredibly expensive. At Alamo Metal Recycling, we are experienced in working with large industrial companies, and we know exactly the unique challenges of dealing with scrap metal on industrial sites. We are renowned as the specialist scrap metal recyclers for industrial-sized jobs because we will pick up and process your metal in the fastest possible turnaround time. We operate with maximum efficiency to ensure your productivity is at its best.We know scrap metal from industrial business can be large in quantity, but Alamo Metal Recycling can handle your job, and offer competitive prices for the materials we recycle for you.


Since our inception, Alamo Metal Recycling has been committed to helping the environment, and that commitment is fundamental to all of our operations. We pride ourselves on doing our bit to ensure American industry is sustainable by transforming industrial scrap metal back into reusable materials. We handle, recycle and dispose of your waste with ethical operations and procedures that adhere to legislation and are both safe and beneficial to our environment.


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