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ABC Recycling is a Canadian family enterprise with a 103-year heritage of serving and supporting communities through the recovery, processing and recycling of scrap metal. With nine locations across British Columbia and Alberta and a far-reaching network of strategic partnerships, ABC serves customers throughout Western Canada and around the world.

The history of ABC Recycling is intertwined with the legacy of the Yochlowitz family. Joseph Yochlowitz and his wife Sarah immigrated to Canada from Poland at the turn of the last century, eventually settling in Vancouver. In 1912, Joseph began a scrap peddling business, working the streets of the young city with horse and wagon. He was soon joined by his son, Daniel. In 1935, Daniel opened his own scrap metal business and, 14 years later, bought a building and established ABC Salvage and Metal Company.

Over the years, subsequent generations of family members have joined the business, and leadership has been handed from Daniel to his son Harold, and from Harold to his eldest son, David. The company has continued to flourish so that today, third and fourth-generation family members are actively involved in growing ABC Recycling for future generations.ABC Recycling is a Canadian family enterprise with a 103-year heritage of serving and supporting communities through the recovery, processing and recycling of scrap metal.

Off-Site Demolition And Clean-Up
No matter what size the job, or where you are located, ABC Recycling has the resources, equipment and people to help you get the job done quickly, safely and cost-effectively. With a century of experience, we have the policies and procedures in place to contract with public and private organizations of all sizes. We have served large industrial operations in the forestry, mining, utility, waste energy and transportation sectors.

Rail Service
We can service yards, work sites or remote locations with our own fleet of more than 100 rail cars. The cars range from 4,000 to 4,500 cubic feet, hold up to 100 tons each, and have higher sides than standard cars to hold more bulky material. Rail service is available to our six locations on the mainland of British Columbia, with marine service available to and from Vancouver Island.

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Buying & Selling
Our business is the recovery, processing and recycling of scrap metals. We purchase household, industrial and demolition scrap that might otherwise end up in landfills or discarded without regard for the environment, and process the material in our yards located throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 

We handle: 
Non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium and other high value alloys 

Ferrous metals (steel) including demolition scrap, industrial scrap, end-of-life vehicles of all sizes, and heavy equipment. Once the scrap metal is processed into a value-added commodity, the product is transported easily and efficiently to customers in the United States and overseas to be recycled into new products.

Materials Accepted

Electronic Scrap

Scrap Metals

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Yard Locations

ABC Recycling LLC - San Antonio
San Antonio,Texas
United States
ZIP: 78217,
Contact Number: +1 604-522-9727,
Email: karen@abcrecycling.com,
Website: https://www.abcrecyclingtexas.com/,

Operating Hours

Monday To Friday: From 9:00 Am To 5:30PM, Saturday: From 9:00 am To 3:00 pm, Sunday : Closed

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